Le Central (Reveillon du Jour de ‘l An 2009)

‘Twas New Years Eve and we didn’t want to be complete homebodies, so Suzy and I made reservations to our go to restaurant in Denver, Le Central (“the affordable French restaurant”).  We have been here countless times for dinner and have loved every bite taken.  The moules frites (mussels and fries) are fantastic and make either a great app to split, or a great dinner for one.  I am always impressed at the service, as well.  Not only are the servers (typically) French, but they seem to be pretty friendly as well.  Each time we come here it is like stepping back into a small French countryside restaurant.

For New Years Eve, as well as many other special days throughout the year, Le Central had a prix fixe that allowed us to choose one appetizer each, one main course each, and then everyone got the same dessert.  Suzy had the lobster and brandy soup and I had the French onion soup.  The lobster soup had a spicy boursin quenelle perched on top, and added to a fantastic start to the meal.  The soup was creamy, and had a wonderful lobster flavor.  The French onion soup was topped with swiss and gruyere cheese, and was incredibly rich.  The broth was very beefy, and reminded me of a wonderful beef sauce I had eagerly consumed during a previous visit.  Suzy then dined on sea bass and blue prawn, while I had the beef tenderloin.  Once again Suzy loved her dish.  Alongside the bass was a creamy risotto that she savored as long as possible.  The bass was perfectly cooked, and the prawn was delicious.  Unfortunately, my beef was not as good.  I am assuming that in the cooking of so many beef dishes on this busy night they just slipped up, but it was dry and not too flavorful.  Luckily it was topped with a nice piece of seared fois gras and black truffle slices that really helped the flavor.  We then were treated to a very blah dessert of chocolate cake, a cream filled profiterole, and a vanilla and strawberry creme anglaise.  Overall, a nice dinner, but I am glad that the quality is usually better on a normal night.

One issue I had all night was the service.  Like I said above, we normally have GREAT service.  New Years Eve was a different story.  Our server was lazy, quiet, and inattentive.  Kind of a bummer for such a festive night.  Oh well.

I strongly suggest visiting Le Central!  I strongly suggest the moules frites!  I strongly suggest going on a night that will not have a menu prix fixe!




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