Crepes de Paris (yes, two French themed reviews in a row…)

On a recent Saturday visit way up north of Denver to the Orchard Town Center in Westminster, just off of 144th and I-25, we decided to grab a couple of crepes for lunch.  We didn’t have much time, as the reason for our visit was a 12:30 showing of Avatar (by the way, go see this movie in IMAX 3-D…the movie itself is terrible, but the CGI and 3-D is worth seeing) and we got there just a bit before noon.  We hustled over to Crepes de Paris, and lucky for us there was no line.  Actually, there was no one in the place except for the impatient counter girl.  I am going to point out a couple of things from what you just read:  it was Saturday, and it was just before noon.  This place should have had at least a few people dining on crepes, or sandwiches, or a refreshing Orangina.  But, alas, the establishment was empty.  This was the first sign.  We then perused the large menu and decided on what we thought would be a couple of quick crepes; a ham and cheese and a Nutella.  The counter girl asked if we wanted to eat there, or take them to go.  Suzy asked how they are served to go, hoping that they were wrapped in paper just like every crepe we had in Paris.  We were told they were put on a plate with a plastic top.  Sign two.  We paid and sat in one of the very empty seats.  Several minutes went by before we got up to watch the expert French creper (or whatever you would call a crepe master) make these painfully easy snacks.  It was an older gentlemen who looked like he had never made one of these delightful morsels before.  Sign three.  He had just barely started the ham and cheese after almost finishing the Nutella.  Sign four.  He then finished both of them, a chocolate drizzle on the nutella and extra ham on the ham and cheese, then put on the plastic tops.  We were free to eat and run to the theatre after almost 13 minutes in the shop.

On to the food…I don’t want to exaggerate here, but these were the WORST CREPES EVER MADE!  They were thick, chewy, flavorless.  And there was so much Nutella in mine that my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth.  These were awful.  Criminally awful.  I almost wanted to call the French authorities.  But we were running late, and we needed to get our 3-D glasses.  So, we trashed the remaining 85% of our crepes and made a dash for the snack bar at the cimemaplex.

The popcorn was fairly decent.

I cannot say this enough, do not go to Crepes de Paris.  It will be the worst thing you ever do (for that day).


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