I’m Back

It has been a while since I have added a post to this blog.  Laziness reared her ugly head for a bit, but I am back.

I recently asked myself if I even really want to have a food blog – there are thousands already out there.  Then I watched an episode of No Reservations (a great show, by the way) where Tony spoke with a couple of hard-core food bloggers.  They had lost the love of just going to a restaurant and eating to eat.  I don’t want to lose that love, but this isn’t a hard-core food blog.  It is fun.  It is about good food.  It is sometimes about terrible food that is great.  It might even be about great food that is terrible.  Either way, I just want to tell as many people about eating non-pretentiously in the Denver area.

I guess I have some reviews to type…


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