Street Eating in Style on a Downtown Denver Sidewalk

When someone comes up to you and says, “You should come to lunch with me today and grab some amazing gourmet chicken tacos,” then half-way there they point out a food cart, most times you might think that you are in for an afternoon in the office bathroom.  Not if you are being led to the Gastro Cart on 18th and Curtis (right in front of the Ritz).  This may be the best street food in Denver, with its only real challenger being the best sausages in Denver – Biker Jims (this review is pending).

On the advice of a blurb in 5280, I made my way down to the Gastro Cart a couple of weeks ago.  This is the single best lunch decision I have ever made.  I had a chicken slider with Frank’s gravy on a buttered brioche bun, and a phenomenal spicy chicken taco.  This all came with a bit of quinoa and bread-and-butter pickles.  It is tastily clear that the chef’s, Mike Winston and Bryan Hume, love their food.  The flavors in these two simply prepared items were transcendent.  The next week I went back for another slider and the veg taco.  Even better the second time around.  Later that week I went back for the potsticker and another chicken taco.  After visiting three times in two weeks, you might think I need a break this upcoming week.  Not so.  My mouth is watering as I type this.  I want to try the gyros.  I want to try the next interesting special they come up with.  I just want to hang out at the cart and watch them cook.

If you like good food, I mean REALLY good food, make a lunchtime trip down to the Gastro Cart, you will not be sorry!

Gastro Cart


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One response to “Street Eating in Style on a Downtown Denver Sidewalk

  1. Joe

    I myself am a fan of the spicy chicken tacos. They are there all the time, and I never get sick of them.(plural; as in I order two at a time, because sometimes one just does not cut it)
    The real deal is their “special.” It never stays the same, and they can never say that they will ever make it again. I guess that is what makes a special Special.

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