Texas de Brazil – Meat, Meat, Meat

Several years ago I decided to take my homecoming date to Rodizio Grill, a new place where they served interesting meats and had an enormous salad bar.  I enjoyed it.  I was too young to know better.  There is now only one Rodizio in the greater Denver metropolitan area.  There is a reason for this.

It was with great reluctance that I decided to head back to a Brazilian steakhouse; Texas de Brazil in Stapleton Northfield.  Suzy and I have now been there three times in the past year, or so.  It is that good.  The interior of the restaurant is modern, dark, and red all at the same time.  It is very open, yet seems to feel cozy at the same time.  As soon as you are seated you are given the instructions; go get some salad at the eclectic salad bar, come back and eat, then turn your start/stop chip to green, get ready to eat a lot of great meat.

The salad bar might be worth the trip alone.  It is full of great veggies, tasty cheeses, and other appetizers (I absolutely love the grapes in blue cheese dressing!).  But once you are ready for a trip to meat heaven and you turn your chip to green, you quickly forget about the salad bar.  You are inundated with meats from traditionally-dressed gauchos bearing traditionally-cooked Brazilian meats – meaning, cooked medium and with a good amount of salt.  Some highlights:  the bacon-wrapped filet, the bacon-wrapped chicken, the sausage, and the prime rib.  There are other great offerings, but these are the items that might make you get more than one.  When you need a break, and you will, flip your chip to red (although the sometimes over-anxious gauchos will still stop by).  Once you are done with your feast, it is time for desert.  I am not listing them here, but trust me when I tell you they are all fantastic.

Texas de Brazil is a winner.  The meat is cooked perfectly.  The salad bar is interesting and tasty.  And you can get by with only eating dinner for a day – in fact, I would suggest not eating all day to prepare for the onslaught of food you are about to intake.

My suggestion:  GO TO TdB!!!!

Texas de Brazil


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